Private Money Isn’t Hard.

Hard Money vs. Private Money and How They Work      A friend asked me to explain the difference between Hard Money and Private Money and how to use them both.  It’s a really good question as a lot of people talk about these casually but don’t break down the differences between them or the … Continued

Would I Lend to Me???

“No money down” real estate really does happen.  And it isn’t all captured on infomercials at midnight.  If you find a great deal you can get someone else to fund it as either a debt partner or an equity partner (more on the difference between these two types of partners in a bit).  I still suggest … Continued


R.epeat!!! This step is where it starts to get really fun!  Now you have B.ought, R.ehabbed, R.ented, and R.efinanced the property.  Congratulations!!  Now you have a bit more confidence, knowledge, and credibility to move on to the next property.  Celebrate!  The first one is, by far, the hardest.  Now you can move forward in finding … Continued