Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction

Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction So learning about real estate also means learning about economics.  Micro and macro.  I am sorry to tell you this if these were your least favorite subjects in school.  They will probably become more interesting now that they can help you to build wealth for your family.   The term “Inflation-Induced Debt … Continued

Private Parts or Your Portfolio?

Private Parts or Your Portfolio? I can talk about both with some expertise because 1: I have wasted a lot of money so I have learned a few things about it and 2: because I am a paramedic and let’s just say there are things you can’t unsee.   Why don’t we talk about money? … Continued

Cash Flow With and Without Debt

Cash Flow of Smart Debt Guy vs. Cash Guy. The previous post was about equity growth but consider cash flow and tax benefits too.  To read the back story click here. Depreciation Smart debt guy gets to depreciate five houses.  Cash guy depreciates one house.  Assuming all of these 100K houses have an improvement (structure) … Continued

But Debt is BAD!!!

Borrowing is bad (sometimes) As I have mentioned, I am a fan of Dave Ramsey’s teachings in many ways.  In fact I probably wouldn’t be doing this without his teachings; but I do use debt.  That’s right, I use debt.  It’s taken a while to not see this word as a bad word after years … Continued