Use Your Fear For Fuel

Start by Building a Runway Today we continue with the “how to get started” theme.  I love helping people get started.  Even if it’s forming a plan to build a runway, financially, to make a move in two years from today.  It is this action that separates those who will talk about real estate from … Continued

Now What?!?

Now What?!?   You may be thinking “now what?”  That all sounds great about the BRRRR method and all but I don’t know anyone with money to loan.  Or, “I don’t have the time to look for properties.”  Or you may be focusing on any number of obstructions to your success.  I have been that way as … Continued


R.epeat!!! This step is where it starts to get really fun!  Now you have B.ought, R.ehabbed, R.ented, and R.efinanced the property.  Congratulations!!  Now you have a bit more confidence, knowledge, and credibility to move on to the next property.  Celebrate!  The first one is, by far, the hardest.  Now you can move forward in finding … Continued

Rehab (the fun kind)

Rehab      This represents the first “R” of “BRRRR”.  Now that you own the house you will want to do the repairs quickly. You have to do the right repairs for your strategy.  For flips, you may need to be trendy and updated throughout, depending on the neighborhood.  For lower end rentals you may … Continued

My Midnight Infomercial House

How We Bought a House for Free Our first free house While we have been on this journey of buying houses in San Antonio that need some love, we have learned a lot of lessons.  We want to share what we have learned with those who would like to do the same.  Today we will … Continued