Owner Finance May Not Be The Devil After All

Is Owner Finance a Godsend or the Devil? We love rentals.  If you’ve read a single word I’ve written, you know that.  We like flips pretty well but we hate the taxes.  Owner finance, however, has always been a problem for me.  I heard stories of these “sharks” who sold houses to buyers that couldn’t … Continued

Our Zombie Deal (you know you want to read this)

Our Zombie Deal or Sales 101 from the world’s worst salesman This is a Halloween-themed post about a Zombie deal that came back from the dead.  Insert creepy sounding “oooOOOOoooo” here.  But it really is.  At risk of jinxing a great deal, here is a real story about a real deal we recently put under … Continued

My Friends Just Lost Money. Why I Want To Give Them Mine

My friends just lost money on a deal and now I want to invest with them.  Here’s why.      We’ve discussed syndication briefly here. In case you don’t recall, it is essentially when sponsors find a large apartment deal and put together an offer and all of the financials to support the project and … Continued

The Poor, Underrated “P” of PITI

The Poor, Underrated “P” of PITI Would you buy a rent house with zero cash flow?  Negative cash flow?  I might.  Okay, I did.  The best answer to this question is: “I need more information to decide”.  So it’s kind of a trick question.  But take a second before reading on and think about what … Continued

I Hate Advice That Rhymes Except This Time….

Rhyming Advice Isn’t Always Nice… Have you ever heard “your network is your net worth”?  Well if you haven’t, it is often quoted or paraphrased in the world of entrepreneurship and real estate investing.  I really dislike cutesy sayings that are well-known and often repeated more for their rhyming, alliteration, or shock value than for … Continued

Alamo REIA Focus Group Presentation

Podcast recordings we have been guests on: https://militarymillionaire.podbean.com/e/episode-12-power-couple-buys-real-estate-with-zero-money-out-of-pocket/ http://rentalincomepodcast.libsyn.com/how-this-couple-went-from-0-to-11-rentals-with-will-and-veronica-pritchett-ep-187 Our Team: Victoria Peña, photographer – 210-589-6848 Joel Lutz, insurance – 210-787-5190 Selina Garza, Alamo Title – 210-979-6676 Antonio Pedraza, Alamo Title – 210-979-6676 Shannon Collier, Gate Way Mortgage – 210-725-8470 Posts referenced in our BRRRR class: Posts about Our “Why” : https://www.homeagainsa.com/blog/my-why/ Post about the Midnight … Continued