Refinance Before you set out on the journey of completing a BRRRR deal, you should work on finding a lender who understands investment property loans.  We found that there were a lot of people who thought they understood these loans but very few who actually did.  I am specifically talking about the conventional, 30 year, … Continued


Rent This is where the families move into the building that we fixed up.  This is truly when a house becomes a HOME!  When a child asks if the side yard is theirs too, you will feel the joy of providing a home to someone who may be moving up a step in their standard … Continued

Rehab (the fun kind)

Rehab      This represents the first “R” of “BRRRR”.  Now that you own the house you will want to do the repairs quickly. You have to do the right repairs for your strategy.  For flips, you may need to be trendy and updated throughout, depending on the neighborhood.  For lower end rentals you may … Continued

The “Buy” of BRRRR

Buy So we discussed the BRRRR method.  Now we’ll dive into the “Buy” portion of this a bit deeper.  This is how we buy houses.  You obviously have to find a good deal on a property.  In an imperfect market, this means looking for opportunities that others don’t see or don’t want.  Typically this isn’t a … Continued

Want a Free House? BRRRR investing simplified

BRRRR investing simplified Our “Midnight Infomercial” house was an example of the BRRRR method.  This method of funding a deal was coined by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets.  It stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat.  This one concept blew my mind and is one of the critical factors that helped us scale up … Continued

My Midnight Infomercial House

How We Bought a House for Free Our first free house While we have been on this journey of buying houses in San Antonio that need some love, we have learned a lot of lessons.  We want to share what we have learned with those who would like to do the same.  Today we will … Continued

My “Why”

Bass Fishing and Real Estate      I grew up bass fishing on my Grandaddy’s pond.  It was surrounded by tall pine trees and it had a spillway in the middle.  It was down a red dirt road.  It smelled like fish slime; or maybe the boat did, but that is what I smell in … Continued