This album was in the top 100 in 2000.  Now you’ll hear it for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome. This week’s resource: An absolute essential book for shifting your mindset.  If you haven’t read it go to the library and check it out or buy it this minute on Amazon.  Rich Dad Poor … Continued


Resources: I want to start with some resources.  If you feel like you need some direction for your personal finances, we strongly recommend the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  His simple system helped us get out of debt and feel confident that we could start this real estate adventure.  While he wouldn’t … Continued

Owner Finance May Not Be The Devil After All

Is Owner Finance a Godsend or the Devil? We love rentals.  If you’ve read a single word I’ve written, you know that.  We like flips pretty well but we hate the taxes.  Owner finance, however, has always been a problem for me.  I heard stories of these “sharks” who sold houses to buyers that couldn’t … Continued

Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction

Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction So learning about real estate also means learning about economics.  Micro and macro.  I am sorry to tell you this if these were your least favorite subjects in school.  They will probably become more interesting now that they can help you to build wealth for your family.   The term “Inflation-Induced Debt … Continued

Private Money Isn’t Hard.

Hard Money vs. Private Money and How They Work      A friend asked me to explain the difference between Hard Money and Private Money and how to use them both.  It’s a really good question as a lot of people talk about these casually but don’t break down the differences between them or the … Continued

How We Found Our Deals

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how we find our deals.  I thought I’d write about this topic at the request of one of the blog readers.  Thanks for the question, Josiah!   When we first started doing this thing, deals could be found on the MLS pretty easily.  It wasn’t a … Continued

Use Your Fear For Fuel

Start by Building a Runway Today we continue with the “how to get started” theme.  I love helping people get started.  Even if it’s forming a plan to build a runway, financially, to make a move in two years from today.  It is this action that separates those who will talk about real estate from … Continued

Bird Dog and Wholesale Your Way In

A few pics from the last house we bought from a “bird dog”.  My wife said, “I love it!” with genuine enthusiasm upon prying the door open.  Despite the smell. Bird Dog and Wholesale Your Way In A bird dog, for those unfamiliar with hunting, is a dog (or “dawg” in parts of the south) … Continued

Is Cash Really King??

  A couple of photos of Veronica sharing her experiences with other investors last night at the Alamo REIA main meeting. Buy With Cash We’ve been moving down the stepping stones of the path that we followed up until this post.  After house number three, we started discovering the magic of private money and distressed … Continued

How We Bought Houses 2 and 3

How we bought houses 2 and 3 Another way to do a deal, and the way we did our second and third deal, is to save up the 20 percent down payment and plunk it down on a rental home.  We bought a slightly distressed property and then drained the rest of our savings on … Continued

Turn Your House Into a Rental

Before we get started with this week’s post, I’d like to thank everyone who was able to make it out to the Alamo REIA event.  It was a great turnout.  There are some new subscribers so just to catch you up, we’re just starting a series about different ways to get started in this business. … Continued

Cash Flow With and Without Debt

Cash Flow of Smart Debt Guy vs. Cash Guy. The previous post was about equity growth but consider cash flow and tax benefits too.  To read the back story click here. Depreciation Smart debt guy gets to depreciate five houses.  Cash guy depreciates one house.  Assuming all of these 100K houses have an improvement (structure) … Continued

But Debt is BAD!!!

Borrowing is bad (sometimes) As I have mentioned, I am a fan of Dave Ramsey’s teachings in many ways.  In fact I probably wouldn’t be doing this without his teachings; but I do use debt.  That’s right, I use debt.  It’s taken a while to not see this word as a bad word after years … Continued


Refinance Before you set out on the journey of completing a BRRRR deal, you should work on finding a lender who understands investment property loans.  We found that there were a lot of people who thought they understood these loans but very few who actually did.  I am specifically talking about the conventional, 30 year, … Continued


Rent This is where the families move into the building that we fixed up.  This is truly when a house becomes a HOME!  When a child asks if the side yard is theirs too, you will feel the joy of providing a home to someone who may be moving up a step in their standard … Continued