How to find (or make) private lenders

Talk. That’s right; talk about what your are doing in your business. Talk with enthusiasm and intelligence. It matters. It is magnetic! If you are familiar with Bigger Pockets and their podcast, you are familiar with Brandon Turner.  He is knowledgeable and passionate about real estate and it is infectious to listen to.  Do you … Continued

“Focus” is Our Focus

All our eggs in one basket.  My son would be so disappointed by the “dad-ness” of this. Focus is our Focus Are you old enough to recall when multi-tasking was a buzz word?  I think it was a 1990’s phenomenon.  When it was thought to be a compliment to be a multitasker.  We may not … Continued

Are 50,000 Dollar Rentals Right for You?

Should You Buy Cheap Rentals? There is a debate afoot and I’m dragging you in!  The debate is whether you should own rentals in the low-priced areas of your town.  I don’t buy houses valued less than 80,000 dollars once repaired to keep as rentals.  Is that the right decision?  Here are a few points … Continued

Investing Is Like Fire

I can’t do it.  I can’t take a risk.  I can’t jump off the high dive.   I can’t live without netflix.  I can’t live without a brand new car.  I can’t live without a bigger house. I can’t save money.  I can’t buy a second house for my long term financial security.  I don’t … Continued

European Car or Europe? Where does your budget take you?

European Car or Europe? There are a few things we’ve learned in this business that almost always hold true.  One is that tenants will drive a newer, nicer car than we do.  To the point that after one of us shows a home to a prospective tenant without the other, the one of us who … Continued

How Syndications Can Be Like Fight Club

How You Can Own Big Apartments Did you know you could be a partial owner of a large apartment complex with a relatively modest amount of money?  Think about all of the apartment buildings you see on your daily travels.  Who owns them?  Some may be corporations but many are owned by syndications.  This is … Continued

You Can Loan Your Retirement Dollars??

This picture is just a fun one of Veronica picking up a whole kitchen in our horse trailer.  And yes, she can back that thing into a narrow driveway like a pro!  I can’t wait to write about the details of this project in the future but for now, on to this week’s post: Loan … Continued

Should You Become a Realtor??

Hello readers, we are back at it with ways to get started investing in real estate.  How about being a realtor?  Not investing.  Sorry.   Do Realtors Understand Investors? NO! Well, Some Do Just kidding.  Kinda.  While being a realtor isn’t investing, it is a great way to get involved in the industry and learn … Continued

Should You Flip This House?

Flip? Hello real estate readers.  Today I am writing about a popular topic, and one more way to get started in real estate-The Flip!  Flipping houses is a popular topic on television shows lately and I often joke about pretending to be Chip and Joanna Gaines, however this may or may not be the right … Continued

Use Your Fear For Fuel

Start by Building a Runway Today we continue with the “how to get started” theme.  I love helping people get started.  Even if it’s forming a plan to build a runway, financially, to make a move in two years from today.  It is this action that separates those who will talk about real estate from … Continued

Bird Dog and Wholesale Your Way In

A few pics from the last house we bought from a “bird dog”.  My wife said, “I love it!” with genuine enthusiasm upon prying the door open.  Despite the smell. Bird Dog and Wholesale Your Way In A bird dog, for those unfamiliar with hunting, is a dog (or “dawg” in parts of the south) … Continued

Is Cash Really King??

  A couple of photos of Veronica sharing her experiences with other investors last night at the Alamo REIA main meeting. Buy With Cash We’ve been moving down the stepping stones of the path that we followed up until this post.  After house number three, we started discovering the magic of private money and distressed … Continued

How We Bought Houses 2 and 3

How we bought houses 2 and 3 Another way to do a deal, and the way we did our second and third deal, is to save up the 20 percent down payment and plunk it down on a rental home.  We bought a slightly distressed property and then drained the rest of our savings on … Continued

Turn Your House Into a Rental

Before we get started with this week’s post, I’d like to thank everyone who was able to make it out to the Alamo REIA event.  It was a great turnout.  There are some new subscribers so just to catch you up, we’re just starting a series about different ways to get started in this business. … Continued

Ways to Get Started

How Do I Get Started? Over the next few weeks I will be writing about different techniques to get started if you have chosen to follow this real estate investing path.  There are so many ways to get moving with your first deal.  This is the biggest hurdle but the first deal starts forward movement … Continued