R.O.T. What do you think it is?

R.O.T. Return on Time Finance books are full of acronyms.  C.O.C. is Cash on Cash.  I.R.R. is Internal Rate of Return.  One I’ve never read, but I’m sure someone else beat me to, is R.O.T. or Return on Time—as in return on our time invested.   While I write about the BRRRR technique a lot, … Continued

Owner Finance May Not Be The Devil After All

Is Owner Finance a Godsend or the Devil? We love rentals.  If you’ve read a single word I’ve written, you know that.  We like flips pretty well but we hate the taxes.  Owner finance, however, has always been a problem for me.  I heard stories of these “sharks” who sold houses to buyers that couldn’t … Continued


We were looking through those big folders you get after you buy a house today, in preparation for a class we’re teaching on property management.  We found a few surprises.  Things time has blurred.  It turns out that it was three years from the time we turned my bachelor pad into a rental to the … Continued

Should You Flip This House?

Flip? Hello real estate readers.  Today I am writing about a popular topic, and one more way to get started in real estate-The Flip!  Flipping houses is a popular topic on television shows lately and I often joke about pretending to be Chip and Joanna Gaines, however this may or may not be the right … Continued


R.epeat!!! This step is where it starts to get really fun!  Now you have B.ought, R.ehabbed, R.ented, and R.efinanced the property.  Congratulations!!  Now you have a bit more confidence, knowledge, and credibility to move on to the next property.  Celebrate!  The first one is, by far, the hardest.  Now you can move forward in finding … Continued