Sales Advice and Bad English

Have you ever learned that a word you used in conversation was the same as a word you had read but you didn’t realize it? I have. Take “facade” for instance. I was probably in college when I realized it was the same as the word that I pronounced “fəˈsäd” in conversation. When I read … Continued

Why It’s Never a Good Time to Buy Real Estate

But Why You Should Anyway! We were advised by a real estate broker when we started buying rental property, that the market was about to tank and that we shouldn’t invest at that time. That was ten years ago. We all know what has happened instead. Since then we’ve been told by others countless times … Continued

Why We Chose to Do An Eviction AGAIN?!?!

So for those who have been following along here, you may recall that we have had one eviction in our entire real estate journey. This was the result of skipping steps in our tenant screening process. You can read about that HERE.  We now have two under out belts. This second one was by choice. … Continued

Farewell to FIRE Hello to FIRE

When I was 22 years old I had three dark blue uniforms pressed for the first day of the fire academy and one pair of polished, steel toe work boots. The clock radio went off at 4:45 a.m. playing The Fireman by George Strait like some sort of F.M. omen. I had no idea the … Continued

How I Would Generate 5K a month

They say “cash is king” but maybe “cash flow is king” would be more appropriate. Cash Flow from Zero So our last article was about a hypothetical situation in which we were trying to make a million dollars in two years. There was a lot of feedback expressing an interest in doing a similar exercise … Continued

How I Would Make a Million Dollars

This post was inspired by a REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) panel topic called “Can you make a million dollars in real estate starting from scratch?” It went on to ask how you could do this in two years from today. This got us thinking about what we would do if we had to start … Continued

The Gap or The Gain?

Let’s face it, we dropped the ball a few times in 2021. We had failures and missteps and things we wish we could go back and change. But we also had some big wins. We were honored to be asked to talk to two groups we are members of on goal setting which we were … Continued